Te Aho Paihere


Working with our rangatahi to strengthen their bonds with their community

Register below for a Tuakana wānanga;

Tuakana Registration Form

The aim of this programme is to have a dedicated space for the rangatahi (teenagers) to express themselves through waiata, haka, korero, karakia and theatre, where they are encouraged to share their opinions, view-points, emotions and ideas in an accepting forum dedicated to valuing their input.

The Tuakana are actively involved with the Teina roopu, helping with tutoring, workshops or the work behind the scenes in the kitchen, cleaning or general behaviour.

The Tuakana roopu delve deeper into waiata, haka and performance while also learning through the art of theatre. Mahi Whakaari has become an area of interest among the tuakana and we have seen many positive benefits of telling our pūrākau through theatre not only including confidence and self-belief, but the language and perceptions of our tipuna through pūrākau.

There is considerable benefit in providing supported spaces for learning for our youth. Clive Barlow states in his Tikanga, Whakaaro publication that sheds light on the key concepts in Māori culture;

Children need to be continually encouraged, motivated, and excited about the prospect of learning and developing appropriate skills so that they can provide for themselves and assist future generations.

This programme is primarily offered to the registered whānau of Te Aho Paihere. It is a continuation of the mātauranga gained during teina wānanga with the added teachings in theatre, public speaking and responsibilities of leadership, teaching and facilitating the teina group.

The Te Aho Paihere tuakana will also be running facilitated workshops as part of their responsibility as a tuakana. This mantle offers them responsibility and purpose as part of a whānau, with the desire of taking these skills home to their whānau and assisting them into their future development and career paths.

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